Monday, September 19, 2011

Activites of JEEVANA in 2010-2011

1)Educational support scheme Total students - 91(55 girls and 36 boys) category No.students amount 1)primary,UP - 36 25O/P.M 2)HS/HSS - 43 500/P.M 3)college --6 600/P.M 4)Professional -6 2)Marriage assistance scheme manju and anil kumar marriage Archana Marriage 3)Medical assistance scheme Sri.Devarajan(paralysis),Sri.Sreemathi,Sri.Sreelal(Tvm),Sri.Seviyar(Paralysis),Balinda Antony,Lathakumari 4)Welfare of Aged Jeevana vayojana club at pattom flat Vayojana Pension programme started-July 2010(Sreemathi Kamalamma) 5)Accommodation at lower rate to lower paid women 'Thanal Jeevana' accomodate 10 more women 6)Free Counselling programmes In the leadership of Sreemathi Licy Kuriakose(Principal TTI,manacaud) we coducting so many counselling programme especially pre- marital couselling.